AIP conducts a day long training program on ‘VALUE ADDED FISH PRODUCTS”

January 20, 2014 | Assam

AIP conducted a day long training program on ‘VALUE ADDED FISH PRODUCTS” on 20 January 2014, at Assam Agricultural University,Nagaon,Assam. Apart from a few eminent personalities of the area, a total of 118 Fish farmers / curers attended the program. The primary objective of the workshop was to disseminate different aspects of fish processing and value addition for livelihood promotion.

The session began with Dr. K.K. Baruah, Officer on Special Duty,College of Fisheries, Assam Agricultural University welcoming all the participants to the training program. This was followed by briefing of objective of the program by Dr. P.J. Sharma (coordinator of the training program).

Dr. R.N. Goswami, Dean, College of Veterinary Science and College of Fisheries, Assam Agricultural University, during his speech, emphasized the need of value addition to different food products in present day scenario and stressed upon preparation of different value added fish products for income generation and creating employment avenues.

In the first session, Dr. P.J. Sharma, Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Fishery Engineering and Technology stressed on general sanitary and hygienic aspects related to preparation of different diversified fish products. Fish being highly perishable in nature when compared to other food products, importance was laid on proper maintenance of quality of raw material starting from harvesting till it reaches the consumers table.

 The second session was conducted by Dr. S. Ahmed, Asst. Prof., AAU. He explained that even though a variety of traditional fish products are being prepared in the state, such products have failed to attract local consumers as these products are not prepared scientifically. Mr. Ahmed explained the ways to improve the quality of locally preserved fish products so that these products can be enhanced substantially. He also emphasized the need for  value addition of traditional products which will then have tremendous potential for export to the neighboring North Eastern states as well as ASEAN countries where such products are popular.

In the third session, Dr. J. Sarma, Asst. Prof. (S.G.) described the processing of different value added fish products and their importance in the region.

The next session was conducted by Dr. D. Sharma, Asst. Prof. (S.G.) who stressed upon judicious utilization of weed fishes frequently encountered in different culture and capture fisheries scattered in the state.

In the last session Dr. P.K. Goswami, Assoc. Prof. spoke on storage of live fish in bamboo cages installed in marginal area of flood plain lakes. He stressed that stored fish in cages will be ideal for preparation of value added fish products.

The meeting witnessed active engagement from the participants and there was a request for more such type of training sessions that would immensely help the fish curers / processors to improve their product quality and thereby expand their market.

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