AIP sensitizes farmers on increasing production and productivity of agricultural crops

20-21 June, 2014 | Mirzapur

A two-day long training programme was organized at Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha on 20-21 June, 2014 by Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU in collaboration with USAID under AIP’s “Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities”. The main objective of the programme was to sensitize the farmers on ways to increase production and productivity of agricultural crops by following scientific methods of farming suited to their agro-climatic conditions and market demand.

Key delegates present during the programme were Prof. Ravi Pratap Singh, Director, IAS- BHU, Dr. Mark Balschweid, Agriculture Specialist, Social Impact, Inc., Prof. Arun Kumar Singh, Deptt. of extension Education, Dr. K.V.Raman, Professor, CALS, Cornell University, Dr. Rajgopal Arunachalam,  Agriculture Specialist, Social Impact, Inc., Mr. Chandan K. Samal, Project Development Specialist, Dr. Suresh D, Programme Coordinator, AIP, Prof. Anil Kumar Singh, Dept. of Horticulture, Prof. Ramadevi Nimmanapalli, Dept. of Microbiology, Prof. Sri Ram Singh, Programme Co-ordinator KVK, Barkaccha, Dr. O.P.Mishra, Dept. of Extension Education, Dr. A.K. Pal, Mr. Vipram Chourasia, STA, IAS, BHU,  Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh and Mr. Mohammad Hashim, Research Scholars, Dept. of Extension Education, IAS, BHU. Over the course of two days, many farmers from Mirzapur District attended the programme.

The training programme was coordinated by Dr. O.P. Mishra, Prof. A.K. Singh, Head, Dept. of Extension Education & Dy. Coordinator (AIP) introduced the participants and threw light on the objectives of the programme. He highlighted the achievements made under AIP and encouraged the farmers to participate in these knowledge imparting programmes.

The chief guest, Prof. Ravi Pratap Singh, Coordinator (AIP), Director, IAS- BHU, introduced the objectives and theme of the programme. He said the main theme of the programme is to increase the production and productivity of agricultural crops followed by scientific methods of cultivation of regional crops like paddy, maize etc. He also interacted with the participants on basic problems on marketing of agricultural products and thanked the whole team of USAID for their significant contribution towards agricultural sector.

Later in the session, Dr. Mark Balschweid, Agriculture Specialist, Social Impact, Inc. interacted with farmers and asked their opinion about how TDIIA activities could be more effective. Dr. Rajgopal Arunachalam, Agriculture Specialist, Social Impact, Inc. also interacted with the farmers and praised them for their energetic presence and regular participation in AIP training programme. Mr. Chandan K. Samal, Project Development Specialist made the farmers aware of the basic theme of AIP.

An interaction session was held in which farmers got answers to their crop related problems from Prof. Ramesh Chand, Department of MPP who apart from resolving farmers’ queries, also provided valuable notes on various regional plant diseases and their control measures. He gave the information of Bioagent Trichoderma and also told about seed treatment.

This session was followed by the presentation of Prof. Anil Kumar Singh, Dept. of Horticulture who gave valuable information related to flower cultivation with special emphasis on Gladiolus and Marigold production as these two floriculture crops have a huge market in Mirzapur and Varanasi.

After that Prof. Ramadevi Nimmanapalli, Prof. Shree Ram Singh, Dr. A.K.Pal, Prof S.P.Singh, Dr. S.K. Goel, Dr. J.P.Rai, Prof Sant Prasad and Dr. S.N. Singh interacted with farmers about their problems in a very effective manner and provided them scientific and reliable solutions.

The special feature of this programme was the personal interaction of Mr. Mark Balschweid and his colleagues, who spoke to a group of farmers to get a better understanding about the motives of AIP programme and its achievements and shortcomings as perceived by the farmers.

The final session saw Dr. O.P. Mishra encourage and motivate the farmers for scientific cultivation and thanked the participants for their active involvement.

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