AIP Conducts a Consultative Meeting on Technology Transfer to Create Awareness on IP & Licensing
July 23, 2012 | Hyderabad, India
Addressing the participating faculty members from the partnering Indian agricultural universities, as part of the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) consortium, Prof. K. V. Raman delivered the introductory lecture at the beginning of the one day AIP Collaborative Meeting on Technology Transfer & Commercialization of Agricultural Innovation, held on July 23, 2012, in Taj Deccan, Hyderabad, India. The objective of this workshop, as highlighted by Prof. Raman, was to discuss several critical aspects of technology transfer and commercialization with the Indian agricultural institutions by emphasizing on the importance of a systemic approach towards research, patenting of innovations, technology transfer and commercialization. Prof. Raman also elaborated on the significance of a structured approach in technology licensing in Indian universities.

Eminent speakers from the partner universities delivered lectures and shared their experiences during this one day event. The lecture delivered by Mr. Vijayaraghavan, Chairman of Sathguru Management Consultants, inspired the participants to excel in research. He illustrated the magnitude of positive impact that collaborative research partnerships would have on the Indian educational and research organizations. He stressed on the significance of the critical elements of research. The presentation detailed the different types of research partnerships for both Indian industry and academia and discussed the significance of such partnerships in the past. Elaborating on the challenges faced by international collaborations, he briefly discussed how collaborative partnerships fetched benefits through researches on egg plants and potato varieties. He also discussed the various components of technology transfer.

Mr. Akshat Medakker, General Manager, Technology Management Advisory Services at Sathguru, presented the case studies on transfer of technologies that were developed under the auspices of the Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology (ISCB), a well established bilateral research and development program, which is quite successful in transfer of technologies developed through public and bilateral funding. The first case study described the licensing of ASAL gene where the technology was developed by Indian and Swiss partners. The second case study on a biofertilizer technology detailed the complexities of licensing technologies developed by a consortium of multiple partners and strategies for the commercialization of the same.

The collaborative meeting on technology transfer helped the participants gain insights into the role played by technology transfer and licensing in the advancement of innovation and research in manufacturing commercially viable products that could be utilized to fortify the Indian agricultural industry.

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