J. P. Srivastava
Professor and Head, Department of Plant Physiology
Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

After completing Ph.D., Dr. Srivastava worked towards a post-doctoral degree in Agroforestry at University of Wales, UK, for a duration of 6 months.

Other Assignments

  • For 6 month worked as Research Associate in School of Environmental Sciences, JNU, New Delhi and worked on a project entitled “Effect of SO2 on Plants”
  • For 2 months worked as Junior Plant Physiologist at RBS College Agra and worked on a project entitled “Use of Saline Water in Agriculture”

Recognitions/ Awards

  • Overseas Technical Teacher’s Award (A teacher training programme for teaching & curriculum development at university level courses, Wolverhampton Polytechnique, UK of 3 month duration)
  • Awarded school Scholarship from class VI to VIII Awarded Graduate Teaching Assistantship during M. Sc. Awarded JRF of CSIR, SRF of IARI and Poolship of CSIR
  • Secured first position in ARS Examination (Plant Physiology) conducted by ASRB (ICAR)-1982
  • Selected for higher (Post Doc.) studies in USSR under Indo-USSR Educational Programme Selected for higher studies in UK under British Council Technical Cooperation Programme Fellow of Indian Society For Plant Physiology
  • Elected Vice President; Indian Society For Plant Physiology (2007 – 2008)
  • Have been member of the Editorial Board of Indian Society for Plant Physiology
  • Referee for various journals published from foreign countries and India

Administrative Duties

  • Head, Department of Plant Physiology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU, Varanasi from June 1, 2001 – May 31, 2004 and June 1, 2010-continuing
  • Member of Unfair means Committee of the University (2008-09 to 2010-11)
  • Member of Central Purchase Committee of the University (2009-10 and 2010-11)
  • Member of the Committee Constituted Under the Chairmanship of the Rector to formulate and implement Credit Bases Semester system of Education at the university Level (2010-11) 
  • Member of various Academic Committees viz., Departmental Research Committee, Board of Studies, Faculty, Academic Committee  of BHU and other universities of the country Chairman/Member in various other Committees constituted by the university
  • Student’s Advisor, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU, for about 4 years
  • Chairman Agro Café, BHU for about 4 years
  • Coordinator, Research & Technical Cell, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU, 2006-2011

Teaching & Research Contributions

  • About 29 years experience of teaching at UG, PG and PhD levels and research
  • Guided 26 M. Sc. (Ag) students and 5 PhD scholars
  • Completed 2 research projects as Principal Investigator
  • Published 36 papers in National and International Journals and contributed over 48 papers in National and International Seminars/Conferences
  • Authored 1 book, 8 book chapters; including 2 chapters in foreign books. One book is under consideration by ICAR, New Delhi, for publication
  • Established Tissue Analysis Lab in the Department of Plant Physiology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, BHU
  • Actively involved in carrying out research on physiological basis of drought, flooding, heat and salinity stress in crop plants and tissue analysis of crop plants; mainly horticultural crops

 Major Fields of Research & Achievements

(A) Physiological basis of abiotic stress (salinity, drought, excess moisture and heat) resistance in plants


  • To identify morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters/traits associated with stress resistance in crop plants
  • To identify parameters/traits for rapid screening  of stress resistance  crops and their genotypes
  • Physiological basis of yield in wheat under late sown condition

(B) Mineral nutrition


  • Physiological and biochemical roles of elements in plants
  • Imbalances in acquiescing and partitioning of mineral elements under abiotic stresses

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