Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities (TDIIA)–Phase I

October 07-21, 2012 | Uttar Pradesh, India
Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities, Phase-I

With the successful completion of the first two phases of the Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities (TDIIA) in Uttar Pradesh, the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) launched the third phase of the program in various districts of the state. These trainings were carried out in a series from October 7-21, 2012 on several aspects of farming that included enhancing crop productivity and training farmers on how to deal with crops better using advanced technologies in contemporary farming practices to boost yield.

The first training program was conducted at Jaunpur on October 7, 2012, which focused on adopting advanced scientific techniques to help farmers enhance productivity. This was followed by a training program at Ghazipur on October 12, 2012 on enhancing the productivity of maize in the region. The next training was conducted at Mirzapur on October 20, 2012 on boosting the production of potato and peas and the last program was at Varanasi on October 21, 2012 on enhancing the production of rabi crops–maize, pea and potato.

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