AIP Training Program Showcased Affordable Production of Baked Food
November 6-8, 2012 | Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
AIP, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Food Technology at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology (SVPUA&T), organized a hands-on training program, November 6-8, 2012, for people interested in earning a sustainable livelihood and improving their income through India’s baked food industry. The significantly large baked food industry in India provides employment to a great number of people and baked food products are consumed by millions due to their accessibility, availability, low price and high nutrient content. In years to come, the baked food product market is projected to expand even further, continuing to be a high revenue generating sector in the processed food industry. In addition to the large market demand, baked food processing units can often be managed with low investment, low risk and at small scale, in both factory and non-factory units. It is also relatively simple to set up a small baked food manufacturing unit and is easier to manage and operate with a few months of training, making it an ideal business option for unemployed youths, homemakers and those lacking a formal education.

Participants in the three-day training program included a diverse group of homemakers, scientists, unemployed youths, scientists, educated professionals and those without a formal education. Also in attendance were research scholars from Assam Agricultural University (AAU), Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and SVPUA&T and baked food producers from Meerut and the National Capital Region. The training covered several aspects of bakery technology, including plant and equipment design for bakers, ingredient choices, bread production, cake and pastry production, biscuit and cookie production, pizza production, food safety regulations and sanitation and hygiene. Participants were given the opportunity to observe first-hand products manufactured in the bakery lab at SVPUA&T by faculty and training instructors. The program not only educated participants on better production techniques, but also imparted entrepreneurial knowledge for creating and managing local baked food processing units.

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