AIP Conducts a Training Program to Enhance Income of Fruit and Vegetable Producers
March 13–15, 2012 | Varanasi, India

AIP sponsored a three-day training program for fruit and vegetable producers, organized by the Centre of Food Science and Technology (CFST), Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU).

The program focused on imparting training to scholars, producers and small-scale entrepreneurs from several Indian states on the best practices to follow in the production of fruits and vegetables. Topics included discussions on utilization, marketing, packaging and preservation of fruits and vegetables in national and international markets. The training also focused on several aspects related to production and marketing of food items in India including the current scenario of fruit and vegetable production, post-harvest management, hygienic packaging, and drying food items for edible purposes. During the training program, participants shared many techniques, including developing antioxidant-rich, value-added products based on fruits and vegetables, different drying techniques, including solar drying, freeze drying, drum drying, spray drying, foam mat, and vacuum belt; convection air and superheated steam (tray, tunnel) and osmotic drying microwaves. Ideas were shared on tomato processing and making different tomato-based products like tomato sauce, tomato-in-sauce, tomato chutney and tomato pickle.

Participants were eager to gain knowledge on processing, manufacturing and using various techniques for preparing fruit and vegetable products. During the course of the three days, participants shared their problems freely and received expert advice on how best to address their specific issues in the most efficient way, with minimum resource utilization, including laboratory exercises that helped participants gain relevant information on starting their own businesses.

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