Adopting advanced technologies to improve crop productivity
October 7-21, 2012 | Uttar Pradesh, India
Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activity- Phase I

In an attempt to empower farmers to advanced technology practices, the Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities (TDIIA) program, under the aegis of the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) organized farmer training programs in various districts of Uttar Pradesh – Jaunpur, Ghazipur, Mirzapur and Varanasi.

The main approach of organizing these training programs was to educate and train farmers and small entrepreneurs on methods of enhancing the productivity of agricultural crops by providing them a better technical know-how on field management. Speakers, agricultural experts, scientists and entrepreneurs shared insights on production enhancement, quality management and market access. Presentations, discussions and farmer feedbacks were also part of the program.

The training program in all four districts of Uttar Pradesh focused on enhancing soil fertility, production of maize, techniques to conserve water and manage natural resources, etc. Farmers were educated on yield-improving products, specific to potato and innovative solutions were suggested to save labor and increase productivity.

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