Training to help farmers improve vegetable and flower production
September 28-29, 2013 | Ghazipur
In an attempt to introduce new farming techniques and expose farmers to advanced training methodologies for better agricultural output, the Technology Dissemination and Income Improvement Activities (TDIIA) under the aegis of Agriculture Innovation Partnership (AIP) organized a two day training program on vegetable and flower production technologies from September 28-29, 2013 at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh

The objective of the training program was to educate and train farmers on vegetable and flower production technology for better yield and improved farm practices. The program was attended by dignitaries from various agricultural institutions like researchers, scientists, academicians and students from BHU. Participants included Prof. Ravi Pratap Singh, Director, I.A.S, B.H.U; Prof. Arun K. Singh, Head, Dept. of Extension Education, I.A. S, BHU; Dr. O. P. Mishra, Dept. of Extension Education; Prof. S. P. Singh, KVK, Barkaccha, Mirzapur; Prof. Ramesh Chandra, Dept. of Plant Pathology, I.A.S, BHU; Dr. Dinesh Singh, Program coordinator, KVK, PG College, Ghazipur; Dr. D. K Singh, Dr. S. P. Singh, Dr. S. K. Singh and Dr. Akhilesh Kumar, SMS, KVK, PG college Ghazipur; Dr. V. K. Singh, DPC, DASP, Ghazipur; Mr. Bhupendra Singh, TATA Chemicals Ltd.; Vipram Chourasia, STA, I.A.S, BHU; Dr. Ramesh Singh, Project Worker and Research Scholars of Dept. Extension Education, Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh, Dheeraj Mishra, Ashok Kumar Gautam, Pradeep Kumar and Arun Kumar.

The program started with an interactive session between farmers and experts on problems related to marketing agricultural products. This was then followed by a technical session by Prof. Ramesh Chandra on different types of regional plant diseases and biological measures to control them. Useful information related to horticultural crops was shared by Prof. S. P. Singh, which put emphasis on soil testing; micro-nutrient application and integrated plant nutrient management (IPNM). Farmers were encouraged to use agro products by TATA chemicals to enhance their yield. Information on animal health care and management practices were also discussed with participants. Precautionary measures like using proper medicines and maintaining hygiene where animals are kept were discussed. The training program successfully concluded with a positive feedback from the farmers.

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