Way Forward: Towards a More Sustainable Agriculture
Buddhadeb Roychoudhury
Manager, Corporate Communication
Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt Ltd

It would be a challenge to feed 2 billion more people by 2050, with about 1.69 billion people in India alone. The exponentially rising Indian population indicates that agriculture could be turned into a tremendous engine for growth, like most of the developed economies, which have powerful agricultural sectors.

While growth in Indian agriculture has been relatively strong in recent decades, the food security situation in the nation is worsening. This is partly because land productivity has not increased, only the extent of cultivated land has. India needs sustainable intensification of agriculture to ensure more output from the same area. In the near future, food would be a strategic developmental factor as much for India as for several economies across the world. AIP is striving to nurture an agricultural system, which is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, can make a vital contribution towards responding to the challenge of reducing poverty and ensuring food security.

AIP, through its efforts to improve the productivity and economic returns of the agricultural community in the Indo-Gangetic Plains, plans to

  • generate important spillovers to other developing nations in Africa and in the rest of the world
  • build capacity among the rural communities to withstand stresses such as drought and floods
  • enhance incomes of smallholder farmers through innovation to ensure clean and green farming practices

AIP’s key focus on capacity development for agricultural transformation and food security in the Indo-Gangetic Plains and its attention towards implementation, monitoring and tracking of issues that impact agricultural transformation and food security will ensure a better future for the region. AIP believes in investing in sustainable and inclusive agriculture and in developing supportive measures. Sustainable agriculture is the key to long-term and inclusive growth, especially in developing countries like India, due to its strong multiplier impact on other sectors as well.

AIP is moving towards sustainable agriculture and is trying to transform the agricultural system in the region to ensure that limited resources are engaged more effectively. AIP believes in innovation, growth and sustainable productivity to ensure continued existence of India’s production base to feed a growing population, while enhancing rural livelihoods.

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