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February 26, 2014

AIP product development team which comprises of faculty from partner universities, product development expert from US and commercial expert, has developed minimally processed food products with unique health benefits and superior taste for Indian as well as export market and are available for adoption and commercialization by food processors.

Dried Fruit Candies

Made from original fruits, these soft and chewy candies and bars have authentic taste of fruits and can be enjoyed any time of the year. They are rich in essential vitamins and antioxidants and provide healthy snacking options for kids as well as adults. They are shelf stable and hence can be easily stored and distributed in domestic and export market.

Non-Veg pickle
Pickling is a convenient and affordable way of preserving perishable products. Applying the same to poultry and fish, AIP product development team has developed unique chicken and fish pickle capturing the local taste of Northeastern region. These pickles use traditional herbs & spices as preservative in place of chemical preservative so that consumers can enjoy natural authentic Assamese taste anytime, anywhere.
Ready to drink beverages
These drinks combine goodness of refreshing taste and therapeutic benefit of products such as ginger, amla, orange and lemon. The product is amenable to low cost packaging such as pouches and plastic bottles. Its shelf stability, convenient packaging and revitalizing properties make them the right drink during sweltering Indian summers.

In addition to providing technical assistance to manufacture these products, AIP also supports entrepreneurs in commercialization process through assistance in market launch of the product and developing strategies for market expansion.

If you are interested in taking up any of these products for commercialization, please contact:
Ahmed Saifee
Senior Consultant
Sathguru Management Consultants
Email id:
Phone: +91 40 30160227, 30160333 | Fax: +91 40 4004 0554

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