AIP conducts ready to serve blended drink product trials at Banaras Hindu University


February 28, 2014

Traditionally, the research activities conducted at Indian State Agriculture Universities are not convergent with market trends & opportunities and the benefits fail to reach the industry and small entrepreneurs. Even a product with sound technical and scientific support remains only on paper and never hits the market. In this regard, Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) streamlines the research activities of agriculture universities based on market trends and empowers local entrepreneurs by transferring this technology for commercial use. In order to bring that market approach and product development expertise; AIP combined Product Development & Food Science expertise of Dr. Dhyaneshvar Chawan (Srim Enterprises, US), pool of skilled human resources along with well equipped lab facilities of BHU and marketing expertise of Sathguru Management Consultants.

In view of increasing health consciousness among Indian consumers and popularity of fruit based drinks, AIP envisaged to develop a unique blended Ready to Serve (RTS) drink with health benefits of regional fruits & Vegetables (Amla, Ginger, etc). Ginger is widely used throughout the world for treating loss of appetite, nausea, arthritis, morning sickness, colds, sore throats and many more. Though everybody is aware of the medicinal importance of ginger, its strong pungent taste deters people from consuming it. In this regard, AIP’s endeavors will combine nutrition from ginger and refreshing taste of fruit juices to make it palatable for everyone. Exquisite combinations like ginger with fresh lemon or orange juice blast would be a big hit in the Indian market, especially during the summer season.

To provide such healthy alternatives to sugar based carbonated cold drinks, AIP started conducting trials for blended juice with Orange, Amla, Lemon and ginger at well equipped food science laboratories of Banaras Hindu University. To conduct these trials, Dr. Dhyaneshvar Chawan and Mr. Sumit Darphale (Sathguru Management Consultants) visited BHU in the month of February this year and successfully completed initial trials for ginger-amla-orange blended juice.

With proper guidance and assistance from Dr. R P Singh (Director, Institute of Agriculture Sciences) and Dr. Alok Jha (HOD, Animal husbandry and Dairy), AIP hopes to produce excellent blended drinks in the market by end of May, 2014. Post graduate students of food science and nutrition department under the supervision of Dr. Dhyaneshvar Chawan will continue conducting product trials for further improvements. Once this product is finalized, Dr. Alok Jha and Sathguru team will identify local entrepreneurs and transfer this technology to them for commercial production. It would provide good market for local horticulture produce, reduce post harvest losses and also generate employment opportunities for local people.

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