Chicken and Fish pickle from AIP, a hit among local entrepreneurs
Nagaon, Assam

After enabling Meghalee Food Products adopt the technology of preparing meat and fish pickle from Assam Agricultural University (AAU), the Agricultural Innovation Partnership, yet again facilitated the adoption of this successful technology to JM Foods, a local enterprise in Assam. The chicken and fish pickle was commercially launched on 25 June, 2014 in Nagaon, Assam. Key delegates from AIP and AAU were present during the product launch. Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Jerna Medhi, Proprietor, JM Foods, said, “ We are very grateful to Agricultural Innovation Partnership & Assam Agricultural University for helping us in adopting this technology and in creating these pickles. The hands-on training we received from AIP program has benefitted us enormously”.

Earlier this year, AIP facilitated a MoU between AAU and JM Foods. It was followed by a day long training workshop to JM Foods, focusing on aspects like recipe, production process, hygiene, quality control, ingredient specification, regulatory aspects, food safety measures, labeling, pricing and product distribution strategy. A pilot batch of both chicken and fish pickle were prepared under the guidance of product developers from AAU during the workshop. “I must thank AIP for its support in creating a positive environment that motivates AAU faculty to develop innovative products and it has helped to change people’s perceptions about Agricultural Universities”, said Dr. M. Hajarika, Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Science. The training program was helpful in sensitizing JM Foods on various practices to be followed while manufacturing the products.

AIP-AAU’s successful development of fish & meat pickle has gained popularity in Assam since its technology transfer to local entrepreneurs earlier in 2013. Though these products were known to be popular among local consumers, a methodological consumer research done by Sathguru Management Consultants established the demand and hence commercial viability of the products. This motivated the developer and entrepreneur to adopt and commercialize the product.

Meghalee Food Products, who adopted this technology in 2013, has gained good market share in Assam for the products. “These products have been in great demand ever since we launched it in the market. These pickles have a longer shelf life than similar products available in the market and have better nutritional value”, said Mrs. Meghalee Bora, Proprietor, Meghalee Food Products.

By looking at the popularity of the products, JM Foods decided to adopt this technology of manufacturing pickles from AAU, Jorhat. The ever growing demand for value added healthy and tasty food products has made it possible for numerous small entrepreneurs in growing their business and also provided employment opportunities for the local community.

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