Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is the strategic advisory body within the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) project that provides technical and management advice aimed at strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. The committee meets annually to review AIP activities and guide the implementation team towards achieving programmatic goals.

TAC includes Indian and US members with varied experience in the area of agricultural education who are equipped to help with curriculum development and reform and extension services. Member responsibilities include:

Advising on partnership directions at the national, regional and institute level.
Advising on strategic direction of agricultural education, extension, policy, communication and outreach activities to ensure that the program is moving towards implementation of the agreement and incorporating relevant trends in research, industry and developmental needs.
Advising on specific programmatic elements (activity sequence, focal countries, and intellectual property rights activities) regarding effectiveness of approach, and progress towards meeting program goals.
Advising on workshops, monitoring and evaluation, etc. on issues of agricultural education and extension needs, policies, strategies and priorities.
Commenting on annual work plan and provide recommendations to USAID and the AIP.
Advising on actions that might be taken by USAID to improve planning and delivery of AIP and related programs.


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  • Training workshop on Assessment and Feedback in Teaching at SVPUAT
    February 2015
  • Training Workshop for farmers on cultivation aspects, storage and processing of winter vegetables in BHU
    March 2015

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