AIP facilitates improved connectivity among farmers, entrepreneurs, extension workers, universities and public departments through mobile phone. An android-based tablet application, it requires minimum training support to understand and is easy to use. It serves as a one-stop solution for all queries related to agriculture.

The mobile application includes a database with complete information on the farmer’s specific geographical area, land usage, and techniques adopted. The application also includes videos of in-field presentations on best agricultural practices; remote crop management for timely technical assistance; multi-channel call centers for farmers; market price forecasts; and GPS-based field surveys, all of which will make the lives of farmers much easier.

AIP’s mobile solution enhances productivity and farmers’ Income

December 18th, 2013 by

December 17-18, 2013 | Guwahati, Assam

AIP conducted a workshop on mobile solutions at Assam Agricultural University (AAU) on 17th and 18th December 2013. The two-day long workshop was attended by thirty four representatives from twenty Krishi Vigyan Kendras across Assam, Dr H C Bhattacharya, Director Extension AAU, Dr Utpala Goswami, AAU faculty & coordinator and Agricultural Innovation Partnership representatives from Sathguru Management Consultants. The main objective of the meeting was to decide upon a strategy for scaling up mAIP operations in Assam.

Dr Nath commenced the session by briefing everyone about the application and explaining each of its function. Mr Ananth Murthy gave a small presentation highlighting the achievements of KVKs in mAIP and gave the roadmap for achieving the benchmark for next stage of the project. It was followed by an interactive session where, program coordinators from KVKs who had successfully implemented this application, shared their experiences and put forth their queries and expectations. There was a problem solving session where minor issues were addressed and others were taken note of.

Lack of time and human resource being a major bottleneck for the KVKs was raised during the workshop.  Hereafter, AIP will support KVKs in obtaining human resource, thus putting an end to the issue which was a major bone of contention. Dr Gogoi shared his views on the mobile application with all the participants and laid stress upon the unique topography of North Eastern states and the practical problems faced due to it. Individuals receiving new tablets were trained on using the application and in the meanwhile, others tested the application in the field. Few new tablets were distributed to KVK PCs by Dr H C Bhattacharya, Dr Gogoi and Dr Utpala Goswami, thereby covering all the KVKs affiliated with Assam Agricultural University.

The workshop ended with encouraging words from Dr H C Bhattacharya, thanking everyone for their active participation and motivating them for accomplishing the goals that lay ahead.

AIP Showcases its Mobile Solution in the 8th National Conference of KVKs in Bengaluru

October 24th, 2013 by
October 24, 2013 | Bengaluru
AIP’s e-learning and mobile solutions implementation team presented the transformative potential that its mobile solution (AIP Mobile) holds for extension professionals in improving farm productivity and farmers’ income. Presented during the 8th National Conference of KVKs in Bangalore on October 24 2013, the solution was appreciated by over five hundred KVK extension professionals who attended the session that was presided over by policy makers from ICAR, NAIP, Ministry of Agriculture and Govt of India, among others. There was an encouraging feedback from the stakeholders on adapting the tool.

About AIP Mobile

The hand-held solution will enable the extension workers to access information on various farmer intervention aspects like accessing complete agronomic information on farmers in the database; remote crop management (RCM) for timely technical assistance; good agricultural practices (GAP) demonstration through embedded videos in the field without the need for internet connectivity; and real-time field survey through the hand-held device.

Using the highly scalable solution with convenient offline capabilities, field level university extension staff can now conveniently access general information on the farmers in their target region; details of their land holding including field shape and size; micro-credit/insurance interventions; soil fertility information; crop Information including sowing, harvesting and inter-cropping; adoption and impact of crop varieties/hybrids developed by the universities; current agronomic practices; pest/disease information; training, demonstration and intervention history and much more.

The field survey application is one of the most convenient tools that will enable the extension executive to follow the field boundaries to automatically capture the size, shape and geo-coordinates of the plot for direct upload to a central database when wireless connectivity is available or it can be saved and uploaded from the extension office later.

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