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Innovation Impact

The Innovation Impact is a short film produced by Sathguru Management Consultants that captures the experiences of beneficiaries, students, faculty, administrators and individuals associated with the project and provides an eagle eye view into various project interventions. It narrates AIP’s story of imparting knowledge to rural farmers and scaling small innovations to markets through transitional research, to introducing a viable model for the institutes to imbibe the process of technology transfer as an essential milestone and facilitating innovative learning techniquesto improve the education delivery in Indian agricultural universities. The film provides a sneak peek into the impact this project has created through its various interventions in bringing transformational changes in Indian Agriculture.

Workshop on Teaching Excellence at Assam Agricultural University
AIP conducted a training workshop at Assam Agricultural University (AAU) in coordination with Dr. Prasanta Kalita, Professor, Soil & amp; Water Resources Engineering, University of Illinois (UoI) at Urbana Champaign, to facilitate the process of setting up a center for teaching excellence at AAU.

AAU Digitizes its Classroom Lectures Using Lecture Capture technology

Ravi Sankar Saikia, faculty, Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Farm Management, Assam Agricultural University (AAU), taking a session on Agricultural Credits. Under the aegis of the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) program, this is one of the first classes to be captured at AAU using the lecture capture technology. As part of its mandate to modernize agricultural education in India AIP sponsored the Audio-Visual equipment and supported AAU in successfully installing and utilizing the facility. AIP has enabled AAU to use technology to benefit students and teachers alike. A first-of-its-kind approach in the Northeastern parts of the country, lecture capture will transform the teaching-learning experiences of the educational community in the region and beyond.

Classroom Lectures Digitized using Lecture Capture at AAU

Binita Baishya Kalita, faculty, Dept. of Home Sciences, taking a session on ‘Seams and Seam Finishes’, for the 1st year B. Sc. Home Science, 2nd Semester, students where she explains the general principles for making seams, types of seams, their usage, etc. During the course of the lecture she covers several different aspects of seam production and generation.

AIP Conducts Media Training Program at AAU as part of its Initiative to Modernize Agricultural Education Through E-learning

In order to meet its mandate of creating a unique platform for partner Indian agricultural universities to improve agricultural education in India and establishing e-learning centers to deliver Information and Communication Technology-enabled courses for faculty and students, the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) conducted a two-week training program on media production for faculty and students of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam.

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AAU Successfully Implements Lecture Capture Technology

Manju Dutta Das, Professor & Head, Home Science, Assam Agricultural University (AAU) taking a session on the importance of information and communication technologies in agricultural extension programs. This is one of the first demonstration sessions to be captured using the lecture capture technology at AAU. This video marks the successful implementation of the Lecture Capture technology at AAU.

Harnessing Agricultural Education and Research for Rural Development

Under the aegis of the Agricultural Innovation Partnership, a collaborative workshop titled �?Harnessing Agricultural Education and Research for Rural Development’ was held in Radisson Blu hotel, Dwarka, New Delhi on December 19–21 which involved a panel discussion at Plant Pathology Auditorium, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa campus on December 20, 2011.

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Videos featuring Ronnie Coffman, Professor, Plant Breeding and Genetics, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), Cornell University and Principal Investogator, AIP; K. V. Raman, International Project Coordinator, AIP and K. Vijayaraghavan, Regional Project Coordinator, AIP sharing their views on the AIP project which seeks to reduce poverty and hunger of the rural population by empowering the agricultural community through simple technologies that have the potential to minimize post harvest losses and enhance farmers’ income. AIP focuses on multi-disciplinary education in agriculture, food science and technology, extension activities and agri business.

Ronnie Coffman

Prof. Ronnie Coffman speaks on the inception of AIP, its partners and the overall aim of the project. He also highlights how AIP aims to contribute towards India’s national priority of improving agricultural productivity, eliminating poverty, and improving health.

K. V. Raman

Prof. K. V. Raman discusses AIP’s aim to improve capacity in teaching, research, and extension in Indian higher educational institutions to deliver an educational system that promotes innovation, diversification, growth and helps create next generation leaders.

K. Vijayaraghavan

Mr Vijayaraghavan discusses AIP’s mission to reduce poverty and hunger of the Indian rural populace using simple and effective technologies and by minimizing post harvest losses, thus enhancing farmers’ income.

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