AIP aims to strengthen both agricultural education and extension systems in the targeted educational institutions in India by addressing the following cross-cutting areas

Agricultural Education

  • The major domain of activity for agricultural education includes designing new curricula for undergraduate programs, establishing modern learning and teaching centers, integrating experiential learning programs with due focus on socio-economic themes related to agricultural education. Agricultural extension improvement will focus on capacity building for agricultural extension specialists and adoption of modern extension methodologies and tools for technology transfer appropriate for the region.

Gender Equity

  • Gender bias occurs in many parts of India and its effect on women’s participation in the food value chain varies widely with cultural idiosyncrasies. Women comprise a major percentage of farm labor in India and play a critical role in enhancing family income, which, in turn, ensures family health. Gender analysis in agriculture to identify the connections between the needs of farm and rural women and poverty is critical and requires specialized personnel. AIP will focus on the economic and social advancement of women through an updated gender-specific extension curriculum.

Information and Communication Technology 

  • Dissemination of accurate information and sustainable knowledge are vital for rural and agricultural development. AIP aims to propagate new information and communication technologies thorough collaborative efforts among partners and leveraged resources in private industry to harness web- and mobile-based technologies and deliver ICT-enabled courses to students in India. AIP aims to help farmers prosper using innovative technologies combined with optimum regulatory policies that increase farm productivity through better cropping practices and improved access to technologies and markets. Fresh and value-added produce made available through farmer groups and producer communities engaged in post-harvest value addition and supply chain management will improve the nutritional status of people in rural households.

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  • Training workshop on Assessment and Feedback in Teaching at SVPUAT
    February 2015
  • Training Workshop for farmers on cultivation aspects, storage and processing of winter vegetables in BHU
    March 2015

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