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Voice of AIP tries to convey AIP’s role, objectives and achievements through videos, blogs, press releases and impact stories. Each of these narratives is the result of collaborative efforts of several AIP partners. The sections under this tab focus on various discussions held during AIP workshops on how AIP can bring about a positive change in the Indian agricultural scenario and enhance the productivity of Indian agriculturists by implementing various programs in universities as well as in fields. The impact stories discuss the challenges that AIP has overcome in achieving its goals and ushering positive changes. The AIP blog is meant for the visitors, partners, students to share their experiences. The Press Releases aim at disseminating information for the media on the events that have taken place in the past.

‘Voice of AIP’ attempts to narrate certain events of the past and look at ways in which they created the desired impact. This section also tries to convey the ways in which AIP has been effective in its efforts towards mitigating rural poverty in the Indo-Gangetic Plains, improving agricultural education in the Indian state agricultural universities, promoting gender equity, foster changes in the Indian agricultural scenario, among the rural populace, entrepreneurs and farming community and in achieving some of the objectives that are crucial for the success of the project.

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  • Training workshop on Assessment and Feedback in Teaching at SVPUAT
    February 2015
  • Training Workshop for farmers on cultivation aspects, storage and processing of winter vegetables in BHU
    March 2015

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